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Voxativ is now in DC area


SoundArts Gallery presented Voxativ to the DC area
powered by BorderPatrol Electronics


Voxativ Ampeggio Signature
Powered by BorderPatrol S20 EXD with built in volume control, BorderPatrol 1543 NOS DAC (SPDIF VERSION) and CEC TL3N transport.


Voxativ AC-1.6 Driver in 200hz SousaHorn on 15 inch Folded Horn Base Unit powered by BorderPatrol SE300B EXD with Emission Labs EML300B tubes. Pre-amp was the BorderPatrol Control Unit.

Voxative AC-4X wood cone driver in Ampeggio Sig





Gary Gill(Right) explaining Ampeggio design

Gary Dews setting up more sweet music

Gary Dews explaining BorderPatrol design

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