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2016 Exhibitors
What's in the Room

The New TIDAL Piano Diacera G2 Speakers

TIDAL Impulse Dual Mono Amplifier

TIDAL Preos-D Preamplifier with Phono stage and DAC

Brinkmann Spyder Turntable / Brinkmann 10.5 Tonearm / Brinkmann EMT-Ti

Aurender N10 Server

Bricasti M1se DAC

The New REL S5 /SHO Sub System

Signal Projects


Wilson Room

Bricasti M1se DAC

Bricasti M28 Monobloc amplifier

Bricasti M12 Source Controller

TIDAL Audio Agoria Speakers

Truman Room

Odyssey Audio
Democracy Room


VPI Industries


A triumph of form marrying function, MUON is perhaps the most extraordinary loudspeaker ever conceived.

MUON is the result of KEF engineering prowess combining with world-class industrial design by Ross Lovegrove. The Muon is limited to an edition of 100 pair.


Madison Room

Command Performance will provide the East Coast debut of Mcromega’s innovative M-One 100 Integrated Music System





DS Audio optical cartridge and phono stage

Vibex power conditioning

M-One 100 Integrated Music System
Monroe Room


Fern & Roby
Luminous Audio Technology
Showing the Arion Phono Preamp

Twinbrook Room

Classic Audio Loudspeakers

Purist Audio Design
United Home Audio Reel to Reel Tape

Roosevelt Room
United Home Audio Presents The Legendary After Hours Analog Tape Events at The Capital Audiofest 2016!

Hear the rock music you grew up with on tape!

Where: The Roosevelt Room main floor with Classic Audio Loudspeakers

When: Friday 9:30pm - till and Saturday 8:00pm – till.



VPI Industries Avenger "Magnetic Drive" three JMW 12” 3D printed arms

Ortofon: MC Anna, MC A95, Cadenza Mono

Dynamic Sounds Associates: Phono II
Dynamic Sounds Associates Pre I
Dynamic Sounds Associates Amp I mono block amplifiers
Spendor SP-100R²

Tweek Geek Bybee Stealth Power Purifier

Luminous Audio: Mega Power Lynx, Synchestra Silver Reference, Synchestra Signature

Kanso Audio Furniture: Hamoni; Heavy-duty amp stand

Check out DSA Press Release for special demo info
DSA Press Release
Adams Room




Linear Tube Audio
Voxativ Drivers
Dr. Vinyl Music Systems
Wavelength DAC
Jefferson Room



Martin Logan

IQ Home Entertainment, Fairfax, VA

IQ Home Entertainment is a premier provider in the Fairfax area for audio/video, home automation and integration services. We provide a complete range of custom installation services including home theaters, media rooms, lifestyle rooms, distributed audio/video and media servers, automation and more. We even offer energy-efficient integrated control systems.

Since 2009, our focus remains on delivering the very best in home entertainment. We now have eight state-of-the-art showrooms displaying all of the latest and greatest in the luxury audio/video world. We carry a wide array of Home Audio and Video products; from state-of-the-art surround systems, to incredible two-channel music systems. Our home audio and video products include home theater receivers, power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, speakers and sound bars, DVD players, blu-ray players, HDTV’s including LCD and LED, headphones and more.

We invite you to visit us any time, or better yet, call us to make a private appointment. Our expert sales and service staff will be on hand to demonstrate our products and services to help determine the best fit for your needs. Our installation staff will also make sure everything works together seamlessly. Call or visit (IQ Home Entertainment) today to experience the very best.

Jackson Room

Ultra Audio

Lincoln Room

System A - Legacy Audio "Aeris"
(1) Silhouette MK2 Reference Preamplifier - built in tube phono stage)
(2) Spirit 300B MK2 Monoblocks - 120 watts per channel

System B - Legacy Audio "Focus SE"

(1) Silhouette MK2 Reference Preamplifier
(2) Silhouette MK2 Monoblocks - 120 watts per channel

System C (Alternate/Backup) - Legacy Audio "Signature SE", "Classic HD", Studio HD
(1) Shadow MK2 Stereo Reference Preamplifier -
(1) Shadow MK2 Stereo Amplifier - 50 watts per channel

All systems run with - Douglass Connection top end: "Alpha Rhodium 2" cables, out of Austin, Texas

Montrose Room


After Hours Vinyl party 6-7:30PM. Ask for details.
System 1:
Larsen 4 speakers
Pear Audio Blue - Robin Hood/Cornet 1 turntable/tonearm
Pear Audio Blue - Classic Integrated
Pear Audio Blue - Classic Phono
Ortofon 2M Black

System 2:
GamuT Di150 Limited Edition Dual-Mono Integrated amp
GamuT Rererence cables - Speaker, interconnect and power cables
Larsen 8 speakers
Pear Audio Blue - Kid Howard/Cornet 2 turntable/tonearm with external power supply
Phono Stage Lehman Black Box Se
Ortofon ST-80 Step-up
Ortofon Cadenza Black

Randolph Room

Channel D is the creator of the award- winning Pure Music® and Pure VinylTM computer audio software for Mac computers. Our product line leverages our extensive in-house expertise in audio software plus audio hardware design, offering unsurpassed solutions for high resolution digital music reproduction - and analog, vinyl LP playback. Our Seta® line of ultra-wide-bandwidth (DC - 5,000,000 Hz) "flat" phono preamplifiers, also perfect for use with Pure Vinyl software, includes the Stereophile Editors’ Class A-rated Seta Model L.

Regency Ballroom
Plaza Ballroom

What's on the Table!

Prism Sound

Drawing upon 28 years of experience in the design and manufacture of reference digital audio converters for professional music applications, Prism Sound are pleased to announce the introduction of "CALLIA", a new PCM & DSD capable digital-to-analogue converter and preamplifier designed and manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom.

Table 1

Dr. Pamela Mason, Audiologist
Table 2

Beanstalk Audio
Table 3

Mytek Digital
Hall Outside Plaza 3

The Cable Company
Hall Outside Plaza 3


Headphnes and In-Ear Monitors

Hi Def Music Player and more

Table 4

HeadAmp Audio Electronics
Table 5

Gingko Audio Products
Table 6

Tweek Studio
(There will be "Show" Specials)




Table 7

Linear Tube Audio
Care Audio
Table 8

Rutherford Audio

Rutherford Audio is North America's premier distribution channel for a select few of Europe's finest Hi-Fi audio brands. We strive to represent only the best in the market, carefully choosing our partners for their commitment to quality and performance.

Our catalog varies greatly: from the small in size, such as our luxury headphones designed in Paris by Aedle, to Burmester's immense full-sized home theatre packages. Prices range from low cost Thorens replacement parts to ultra high-end reference Amplifiers, Speakers, and top-of-the-line Record Players.

Rutherford Audio is in constant search of the best possible audio gear coming out of Europe.

Table 9


Daedalus Audio will demo the Daedalus Audio DiD with the New Modwright Tryst all tube headphone amp and WyWires headphone cables.
Table 10

Great vinyl selection in Fells Point Baltimore.
Table 11

Subwoofer Module SW2
Add clarity and definition to the bass generated by powered subwoofers. It works by instantaneously restoring transients that get smeared by the low-pass filter.

Table 12
Chris Hite Records
We buy quality collections with a focus on Classical vinyl.

Table 13

Custom step-up transformers (SUT) for moving coil (MC) cartridges.
Each SUT is hand-made, one at a time, using point to point wiring and individually tested. No circuit boards used. Hand Crafted in USA.

Premium Phono Cables constructed with OF Silver Clad Copper with Cardas connectors. These are shielded with 2 internal conductors.

Bob will have on hand a variety of MC phono cartridges.

Bob's Devices is an authorized VPI, Miyajima, LKV, Phoenix Engineering and Ortofon Dealer.

Table 14

Ultrasonic Record Cleaning at its best
Table 15
Blue Groovz Records
Blue Groove Soundz

Vinyl Music and More!

Table 16

Table 17

SoundStage Direct
Tables 19 and 20

AIX Records
Table 21
2nd Floor




Alta Celesta speakers, Limited Edition Champagne Gold with Deluxe Matching Stands
Zesto Andros 1.2 phono preamplifier
Zesto Leto preamp
Zesto Bia 120 amplifier
WyWires Platinum Series cables:
phono cable
speaker cables
power cords

WyWires Power Broker power conditioner

VPI Avenger turntable

Zesto Audio is making its debut appearance at the 2016 Capital Audio Fest

Zesto Audio is making its debut appearance at the 2016 Capital Audio Fest with award winning lineup of the Andros 1.2 phono preamp, the Leto linestage preamp, and the Bia 120 power amp. All of Zesto Audio's models are tube designs that provide gorgeous tone, bold dynamics, and a huge soundstage along with the low noise and low distortion. The sonic beauty of the Zesto models is reflected in the dramatic visual appeal based on the looks of the grand piano. Each of the models presented at the CAF this year have won numerous prestigious awards from the audio press including Stereophile magazine’s "Analog Product of the Year” Finalist, Class A ratings and The Absolute Sound's “Product of the Year” and Golden Ear awards. Zesto Audio components are designed by George Counnas and are hand made in the USA. Zesto Audio is appearing with the cooperation of its Washington, DC area dealer, Viva Hifi, in room 202.
Room 202


Alta Audio IO

Clones Audio 25iR

Aqua La Voce D/A

Antipodes DS Server


Room 206



Alta Rhea Speakers
VPI Scout Jr with Ortofon 2M red
VPI 299D integrated amp
Luminous Audio Synchestra signature spk cables
Combo of Synchestra Ref and Silver Ref for interconnects
Power lynx Mega power cords.


Room 210



- Cayin CS-55A and CS-55CD
- A-880 Mono blocks (x2)
- Alta Lelantos
- Luminous Audio Arion
- VPI Classic Signature
- VAS - Nova MC Cartridge
- VAS - Citation Mono
- Luminous Audio Synchestra signature spk cables
Combo of Synchestra Ref and Silver Ref for interconnects
Power lynx Mega power cords.

Room 214

DC Audio DIY - Local Audio Enthusiasts having a lot of fun!
Room 218

Emia Audio
Room 222

Deja Vu Audio
Room 230
Room 234

Now Listen Here
Lancaster PA


Room 226


Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifier
Benchmark DAC2DX D/A Converter
Benchmark DAC2HGC D/A Converter
Benchmark ADC1USB A/D converter-archive your analog!
Studio Electric Loudspeakers

Room 238

GT Audio Works will be debuting a new speaker, the GTA 3 - A full range planar/ribbon speaker with outboard powered subwoofers.

Room 242
3rd Floor

Care Audio
Linear Tube Audio

Room 301

There’s a lot going on with the Technics brand and I’d like to share our direction with you and visitors to your website and our exhibition room.
Our hottest products are the new SL-1200GAE Limited Edition Turntable and SB-C700 loudspeakers which are now a 2016 Stereophile Recommended Component
·SU-C700 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
· ST-C700 Network Audio Player
·SB-C700 Speaker System
·SL-C700 Compact Disc Player
·SC-C500 Premium All-In-One Hi-Fi System
·EAH-T700 Premium Headphone
·SU-G30 Network Audio Amplifier
·ST-G30 Music Server / CD Ripper
·SL-1200AEG Limited Edition Turntable

Room 304

Prism Media Productions
Room 305

Zu Audio
Room 308





Voxativ Drivers and Speaker systems
Fern & Roby Turntable and Phono Stage
David Berning Custom Push Pull Triode Amplifier
Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL2.0 preamp
Metrum DAC
Room 309


Gershman Acoustics

VAC Amplifiers

Room 312

High-End Audio
· Professional Stage and Sound
· Musical Instruments
· Recording Studios
· Home Theater

Room 315


BorderPatrol USB DAC
BorderPatrol SPDIF DAC
BorderPatrol Pre-amp
BorderPatrol S20 Power amp with dual power supplies

Living Voice OBX-RW
DeVore O/96

Triode Wire Labs "Obsession" power cord
Triode Wire Labs "Silver Statement" power cord
Triode Wire Labs "Seven Plus" power cords
Triode Wire Labs "Ten Plus" power cords
Triode Wire Labs "Spirit 75" SPDIF cable
Triode Wire Labs "Split Power" USB cable
Triode Wire Labs "Spirit" RCA interconnects
Triode Wire Labs "American" bi-wired speaker cables

Room 316

Audio Systems and Magnetism
High Fidelity Cables uses magnetic conduction technology to preserve the quality of audio signals and reproduce music more accurately.
Most people think of an audio system as an electrical device. It would be more accurate to call it a magnetic device. Electricity powers the components, but it's magnetism that makes the music. It is a magnetic force that moves your speakers, causing them to vibrate and create sound.
This magnetism at the end of your signal path actually begins at your wall outlet, and is present throughout your entire system. The AC (alternating current) power drawn from your wall produces a magnetic field. This field is actually a series of waves whose frequencies vary with the electrical signal. Electricity induces magnetism, and vice versa: the two are inseparable.

Room 317
Room 319

LKV Research, based in North Conway, NH, manufactures hi-end phono stages and preamplifiers that offer audiophiles great sound and good value. We focus on the characteristics of each component that truly matter for sound quality and use good engineering design and extensive listening to achieve excellent performance. All our products are made in the US.
Look for something new!

Room 321




Daedalus Audio Athena V.2 speakers and the NEW Daedalus Audio DiD isolation under all electronics.
Border Patrol
S20 Power amp with dual power supplies

Triode Wire Labs
"Obsession" power cord
"Silver Statement" power cord
"Seven Plus" power cords
"Ten Plus" power cords
"Spirit 75" SPDIF cable
"Split Power" USB cable
"Spirit" RCA interconnects
"American" bi-wired speaker cables

Room 323

Audio Note
Room 325
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