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Dr Vinyl
This is the first edition of "Spot-lite".

From time to time I will be reporting on local vendors, manufacturers, and audiophiles to provide information to our readers on what's happening in the area.

By Paul Elliott
Dr. Vinyl can fix you up!

Five minutes off Interstate 95, just a little north of the DC beltway in a beautiful new home we have Dr. Vinyl, Jose Ramirez. Originally from Puerto Rico, he has been in the audio business since the late 70’s.
After spending some time chatting with Jose about HiFi, and solving the world’s problems, I quickly realized this guy sensibilities about sound and music is coincident with mine. So much of today’s equipment seems to leave real musicality far behind. It was refreshing to sit down and audition emotionally involving sound from the two systems Jose presents.

Dr. Vinyl provides some interesting services whether you buy equipment from him or not.
You can bring your turntable in for a very careful and accurate setup. He also has a record cleaning service that uses an ultrasonic system that cleaned a favorite yard sale album that I had cleaned many times at home, but as I found out was vastly inadequate. Jose’s treatment gave the album the life it has when it was new in the seventies. He can also archive your precious vinyl to any digital format you want.
His line card is pretty impressive centering on the Swedish Larsen Speaker. These diminutive speakers present a big sound. They are designed to be placed against the front wall (High WAF number) and give a big side wall to side wall image.
Analog front end was a Pear Audio Blue turntable. Big heavy patter supported by a robust double layer birch plinth. Ortofon Cadenza Black converted the vinyl grooves to very sweet sounds.
Dr. Vinyl’s web site gives complete descriptions to hall his services and hardware he handles. Be sure to check it out, give a call for a very enjoyable audition.

Dr. Vinyl

Second floor System Two
Pear Audio Blue Kid Howard with Cornet 2 arm
Ortofon Cadenza Black
Ortofon St 80 Se
Pear Audio Blue Classic Preamp
Aqua Acoustics La Voce Da
Atipodes DS server 4tb
Wells Audio Akasha
Larsen 6


Jose starting up the Pear Audio Blue Kid Howard turntable. the interesting thing is the motor is always energized and to start the table you give the platter a bit of a spin!

Jose setting up to clean a couple of my records on his commercial ultrasonic record cleaner. I am now convinced from the sound improvement of my LP's by the ultrasonic cleaning, that this is the way to go.
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