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LP's by the thousands

So one Saturday morning I was looking through garage sale listing I subscribe to and there was a listing for a huge collection of LP’s to peruse. I had to check this out.
So this led me to Kirk Walton and his son Jeremy who sit on upwards of 300,000 or more LP’s in three warehouses in Baltimore city. More about this later

A Vinyl Collectors Dream comes true!
Warehouse of Records for You


Kirk is an old rocker, high school and college bands and eventually had a number of video stores in the Beta era. When the Beta died out he discovered that his left over inventory still had value and began selling in the early days of ebay. This led to more collecting and more selling and the business was born. He does things slowly and in very deliberate ways. Kirk has tremendous music knowledge, willing to share freely

The biggest part of the business is online with ebay, Amazon, and Discogs. The thing that gelled with me was a new direction Kirk is implementing. He is going to provide concierge service in a warehouse setting. Kirk is going to open the premier collection by appointment only for perusal, usually only on Saturday’s. He can put together tailored collections of any genre to make your shopping easier.
But to get this personal service you need to call. 443.244.1274, He is a busy guy and you might have to leave a message. He will call you back!
If you contact him be sure to mention you saw it here!

He has a website that just directs you to the online stores
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