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Hana Cartidge What a Bargain
A quick look at Hana EL MC Elliptical stylus

0.5mv/1Khz VTF 2.0gr
Output balance <2db/1Khz
Trackability 70um/2gr
Channel Sep 25db/1kh
Freq Resp 15-25khz
Impedance 130 ohms
Cart weight 5gr
Body color Green

Cartridge evaluations are very troublesome with more variables than can be listed in just set up alone.
One tries to set up every cartridge the same, but is the right set up for one cartridge may not be the same right way for another. I use the SMARTractor: by Germany's Acoustical Systems. I find this system very precise, repeatable, and simple to use.

I wish I had other middle to low priced cartridges to compare; my only cartridge is the Alpha Genesis 1000, which cost around $1000 in 1987 when I bought it new. It was re-tipped by Peter Ledermann in 2014 and revitalizing this cartridge that was sitting in a drawer for 15 years for $350 was bargain. This is a pretty special cartridge and replacement would mean $4k to $5k in today’s dollars. Let’s hope I out live Peter.
Spoil alert!
This cartridge is a steal at $475

The Hana held its own. It’s very quick. Everything is there, just a bit forward and aggressive. The Hana attacks the music; the notes are presented up front, pushing into your psyche. It forces you to listen, as opposed to the laid back gentle presentation by the Alpha which is more to my liking. The Hana is in no way sharp or grainy. It just likes flexing its muscles.
The Hana would be my recommendation for anyone getting into vinyl for the first time, or updating an older cartridge. This cartridge will not disappoint anyone looking for a lively sounding front end.


In heavy rotation:

Elephant Revival, Petals, 2016. Bonnie Pain lead vocals she was there in the room, just a touch of sibilance that can be controlled by fiddling with VTA.

Mozart Airs de Concert, Jozsef Rete, tenor, Harmonia Mundi 1970 recording, amazing voice slightly recessed compared to my Alpha. Image not as deep as the Alpha, less weight in upper bass-midrange, good decay on room echo, just slightly less warm as the Alpha.

Crystal, Ahmad Jamal Atlantic 1987, you can hear the great touch Ahmad is known for. Lightning fast key strokes are rounded and believable. Bass is real, solid, highs just slightly recessed compared to the Alpha.

Hana Cartridges are available from Dr. Vinly

Dr Vinyl
Associated equipment:
Sota Nova TT, vacuum hold down system
Alphason HR 100SS ton arm, Cardas rewire, Alpha Genesis 1000 1987 re-tipped by Peter Lederman 2014
Lundalh SUT, Transendent Phono pre, modified by yours truly.
Scratch build 6EW7 preamp, Gary Dews designed, modded by yours truly
Odyessy SS amps built for me by Klaus
Maggnepan llla's in hardwood frames and custom xover by yours truly
Modded Janis W1 subs Marchand Bass Management system modded by yours truly
DIY 10ga power cords. Dedicated 20amp Mains with 10ga Romex
DIY interconnects various

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