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Arch White Paper
September 8, 2017
Press Release for Immediate Publication
Gingko Audio introduces revolutionary, patent-pending vibration control devices Mini-ARCH and Super-ARCH at Capital Audiofest in Rockville, MD, November 3-5, 2017
Since its introduction in 2002, Gingko Audio’s patented Cloud vibration control platform has been sold to thousands of satisfied customers. It has made Stereophile’s Recommended Components List since 2004. Although the Cloud Platform reduces vibrations over a wide range of audio frequencies, it does not provide a stable base for heavy speakers. The patent-pending ARCH is a vibration control device designed specifically for speakers.


The ARCH is a curved multilayered band. The material of the band, the number of layers and their thicknesses vary across the different ARCH models to account for the varying weights of speakers and audio components. The ARCH’s efficacy as a vibration control device hinge on the following features:
• The ARCH is made of wood-based materials with excellent absorbing quality – vibration is dissipated and very little is reflected back to the speaker.
• Its constrained-layer design filters vibration at different frequencies thus minimizing what is transmitted.
• Its curved shape acts as a leaf spring to turn vertical vibration into smaller sub-components in the vertical and horizontal dimensions. The horizontal sub-components are not reflected vertically back to the speaker.
• It rests on the floor on an edge thus minimizing transmission both ways – downwards and upwards.
• It provides a stable base to keep the speaker cabinet from moving and allows the speaker drivers to work as intended.
In our experiments, we found that the ARCH works well under spikes but works even better in place of the spikes.
Although the original ARCH was conceived for speakers, our tests have indicated that the design works equally well under other audio components such as amplifiers, preamps, CD players, or turntables. The Mini-ARCH is thinner and carries lower weight loads but can be stacked to support heavier weights or to tune the sound to your personal taste. We find that stacked Minis make the suspension stiffer, resulting in a more dynamic, punchier sound. Single Minis provides a softer suspension, resulting in a fuller, richer sound. The Super-ARCH is a premium version of the original ARCH for use under speakers and heavier components such as amplifiers, with improved sonic performance and a more finished look.
At Capital Audiofest, we will prove the efficacy of the ARCH in a real-time visual and audio demonstration using two identical systems, one with ARCHs and one without. Come to the Monroe Room to see this exciting demo for yourself!

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