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Sound Insight in Frederick Room
These are the new GT 3 Audio Works planar magnetic speakers
They feature no crossover in the critical 6 foot planar mid range, pure 6N copper foil traces on the thin film membrane and a non-segmented continuous ribbon tweeter

The Sound Insight SI 600 open baffle servo subwoofers
will be on display with the GT speakers at Capital Audiofest from November 3 through November 5 at the Hilton in Rockville, Maryland. 
This year we will be utilizing the Pass Labs XS preamp and Pass Labs XA60.8 monoblock amplifiers. Additionally, we will be utilizing Triode Wire Labs cabling throughout the system. The front end will consist of the Esoteric K01X SACD player and Acoustic Signature Turntable feeding the XS phono stage.
We will be in the Frederick room please join us


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