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VAC Press Release

PRESS RELEASE - for immediate release

25 October 2017
Sarasota, FL

VAC/Valve Amplification Company will exhibit in the Potomac Room at the upcoming Capitol Audio Fest, November 3-5 in Rockville, MD.

Kevin Hayes, President of VAC, stated, “In 27 years, this will be the largest, finest, highest performance music system we have ever displayed, and we are so pleased to be in the largest room at the CAF’s Hilton venue.

“We will be using four of our flagship Statement 450 iQ mono power amplifiers to biamp the incredible Von Schweikert Audio Ultra 11 loudspeakers. Our displays at Axpona, Munich, LAAS, and San Francisco, dubbed ‘the million dollar system,’ won accolades with these speakers, but were not biamplified. The results in DC will be unprecidented!”

The VAC show system will also include the award winning VAC Statement Phono Stage and Statement Line Stage, MasterBuilt cables, Critical Mass Systems equipment racks, the Esoteric Grandiose digital system, Transrotor Orion turntable with AirTight PC1 Supreme cartridge, and open reel tapes played on a special Techics RS1500 deck custom modified by J-Corder.

A smaller system will also be on display, consisting entirely of component priced at less than $10,000 each.

VAC is a Sarasota-based internationally known and award winning manufacturer of high end stereo components based on vacuum tube technology. Their breakthrough iQ Continuous Automatic Bias technology is protected by U.S. Patent 8, 749,310. All VAC products are handcrafted in Sarasota, Florida USA.


Statement 450 iQ
Monoblock Power Amplifier
The Statement iQ power amplifier is the first in a series of VAC components featuring the new VAC iQ Intelligent Continuous Automatic Bias System (patented*). The VAC iQ System builds on the unprecedented performance of the original Statement Series and takes it to a whole new level with a set of critical enhancements.

Over three years in development, Von Schweikert Audio is releasing the ULTRA Line; an entire new series of world-class flagship reference loudspeakers. The defining trait of this new line is ultra-low distortion.
The ULTRA 11 achieves a level of performance and realism previously not possible utilizing an all-new cabinet noise reduction design, low distortion drivers and signal path, as well as our proprietary Global Axis Integration Network circuit design

For more information, contact:
Valve Amplification Company
1911 North East Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34234 USA
Telephone 941-952-9695   Fax 941-952-9691  

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