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Oct 3, 2022

CAF 2022: AGD Productions, Inc. & JansZen Loudspeakers Co.

Check out the products that can be found in the AGD Productions, Inc. & JansZen Loudspeakers Co. room. They will be located on the 5th floor in room 542

CAF 2022: AGD Productions, Inc. & JansZen Loudspeakers Co.

The AGD Gallium Nitride based Hi-End Power Amps achieve the highest realism in audio reproduction, thanks to the engineering expertise in Power electronics of Alberto Guerra (founder and CEO).

Years of research in the field of electronic components are now at the service of excellence in sound reproduction, with innovative and highly performing Hi-End Power Amplifiers, based on the GaNTube technology.

At CAF2022, AGD is presenting its entire portfolio of products, starting with the Hi-End Monoblock amplifiers series, the Gran Vivace, Vivace and The Audion MKII, all of them featuring the unique GaNTube Technology, the AGD’s proprietary Gallium Nitride Power-Stage integrated in a Glass Tube.

The AGD Andante preamplifier will be the centerpiece of the entire sound system with its perfect blend of analog and digital sections (R2R DAC and fully balanced phono stage).

AGD will also present its newest product, the 2022 AGD “ALTO”, Reference Analog Preamplifier paired with the newest addition to the GaNPower series, the AGD “Tempo di GaN”, AGD’s first 200+200W compact stereo amplifier. The AGD’s creation combines a unique blend of avant-garde industrial design with leading-edge power electronics into Hi-End Audio amplifiers that deliver a sublime and realistic audio reproduction never experienced before.

As all reviewers and sound experts have discovered and pointed out so far, the AGD Vivace, Gran Vivace, and AUDION Monoblocks and AGD Tempo di GaN, are disruptive products in the field of Hi-End Audio.

AGD amplifiers will be playing with the new top of the line electrostatic speaker from JansZen Loudspeakers Co, the JansZen 9.5 model, a worldwide premier. The new design retains the industrial design of the original KLH Nine, a loudspeaker designed by Arthur A. Janszen and still regarded as one of the best of all time. But under the grills, at the hands of son David Janszen, is a completely new and modern development. It is fitted under one grill with a large, electrostatic, controlled dispersion line array, crossing at 200 Hz. For bass, there's a seamless transition to a vertical line of six, light, 8", ceramic cone woofers. These modern drivers perform as well as electrostatic woofers, and can move considerably more air, but without the issues associated with high voltages. The system is open baffle, with no equalization, and just a simple, 2nd order crossover.

40 Hz - 20 kHz; 5Ω nominal (4Ω min.); 40W minimum, 600W maximum.

Electrostatic clarity and nuance. Palpable oomph. Venue-like spaciousness. Zero floor bounce.

AGD website

JansZen Loudspeakers website

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