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Sep 12, 2022

The LINKWITZ® setup at the Capital Audio Fest 2022

The LINKWITZ® system takes care of everything that happens downstream of your analog music source. During the Capital Audio Fest, we rely on third party analog music sources. Here is a short overview of the gear in action:

The LINKWITZ® setup at the Capital Audio Fest 2022

Music Source Digital: Music on a NAS server, played back by a LINN streaming DAC.  or  Music Source Analog: Turntable / tape machine

2x PowerBox 6pro Ncore precision analog, one per side. It houses the new phase-coherent  cascaded analog precision crossover with driver linearization (ASP). Short internal balanced  interconnects lead to 5 tailored Ncore® amplifier channels.

All signals remain purely analog. A purely analog high power multiway device.  Multiway OFC speaker cables with professional SpeakON® connectors


Siegfried Linkwitz´ masterpiece in loudspeaker design. An active 4-way open baffle speaker. We  use an improved midrange driver from SEAS, with a new ultra-low distortion motor and stiff  magnesium cone: Extremely low 2nd and 3rd order HD, below human perception threshold!

LX521®, a speaker, that doesn´t distract from the artists performance.

Free of commercial pressures, Siegfried Linkwitz` research culminated in the LX521®. He arrived  at a level of performance, which made him search no further. Neutral sound, clarity, speed,  spatial openness, and disappearance from one’s auditory illusion.

It renders a superb recording probably as good as it gets.  

Sound radiation is substantially different from conventional “box”-

speakers. Cabinets show minimum resonances. Form-Follows

Function. An “uncanny” (THE AUDIO CRITIC), realistic reproduction

of musicians on stage. Enjoy soundstage depth of as much as

7m/21ft, for an unrivaled realism in rendering acoustic scenes.

“...I didn’t have any other speakers that could reveal as accurate a

sound stage, do so with tonal & timbral neutrality, and seemingly

bypass the room…… LX521® are used for the final production stage

mix qualification of all San Francisco Symphony SACD download

releases that I’ve produced during the last three years; they are an

indispensable tool.”

Jack Vad, Producer, Engineer, SanFrancisco Symphony, GRAMMY

”Best Classical Album”

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