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Oct 27, 2021

LKV Research Press Release

LKV Research is pleased to announce two new amplification products: (1) the PWR-3 amplifier and (2) the Veros VNL phono stage -- at Capital Audiofest, Nov. 5 -7. Attendees will be able to see, hear and discuss these exciting designs in LKV’s Room 508

LKV Research Press Release

The LKV PWR-3. Chief Designer Bill Hutchins decided to see how much of the excellence of his Veros PWR+ (a Stereophile Class A recommended power amp) he could design into a “little brother” amp available to audiophiles at a significantly lower price. The answer turns out to be a great deal. As Bill says, “I managed to incorporate into the PWR – 3 scaled down versions of the gain circuitry used in its big brother. Thus, you are getting the sonic essence of the PWR+ in a smaller package at about a third of the price.” The PWR – 3 will deliver 175 W into 8 ohms, and 350w into 4 and 2 ohms. LKV is pleased now to be able to launch this amazing amp at CAF. It sells direct from LKV with a 30 day full refund guarantee for $3,350 The LKV Veros VNL embodies Bill’s vision of the ultimate state-of-the-art phono amp. He explains: “In designing the VNL, I spent several years re-examining all elements of the phono stage -- all circuits, all components, all materials -- to devise ways to make each as close to perfect as possible. The result is a phono amplifier that invites the listener deep into the music with a presentation manages to be not only detailed and exciting but also naturally relaxed and musical.” Come listen. The Veros VNL will be launched in late Spring 2022. But audiophiles attending CAF will get an advance “sneak peek and listen” in Room 508. No price has yet been set, but our goal is to make it no more than $6500 (the price of the LKV’s Veros One, the model the VNL will replace). For more information, contact Bill Hutchins ( or 603 730 7400).

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