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Capital Audiofest 2024


Hilton Rockville
November 8-10

Interested in becoming a Capital Audiofest 2024 exhibitor?
Please contact Gary Gill at

Ship Your Equipment With RG Logistics

For years RG Logistics has been trusted by Capital Audiofest exhibitors to ship equipment safe and hassle free. Known for removing the headaches and hidden costs often associated with trade shows, you can be sure that RG Logistics will get the job done right.

Getting your equipment safely shipped is essential. Learn more about how you can ship yor equipment for Capital Audiofest 2024.


Enhance Your Room with our Preferred Rental Companies!

Capital Audiofest's mission is to provide everyone with the the ultimate audio show experience. We believe that every detail counts, including the ambiance of your exhibiting room or booth. That is why we are excited to work alongside a variety of rental companies that are capable of helping to enhance the appearance of your exhibiting space. Ranging from pipe and drape rental to plant rental services, we are certain you will find a company that can help transform your space into a lively and inviting area that is sure to make a lasting impression.

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