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Nov 7, 2022

MC AUDIOTECH: Premier of The TL-12 Loudspeaker @ CAF 2022

A New Introduction from MC AUDIOTECH

We are introducing an exciting Loudspeaker this fall which combines the best of our prior Forty-10 system in a design that maximizes the positives at a price point that is lower and with a form factor that is stylish and energized.

We will show this product for the first time at Capital Audio Fest and follow on with an exhibition at

later at the Florida Audio Expo in TAMPA.

We encourage you to visit us at Room 311 at CAF and call us for more information.

MC AUDIOTECH: Premier of The TL-12 Loudspeaker @ CAF 2022

We are pleased to introduce our newest loudspeaker, The TL-12. It is based upon our wide band line source drivers and in this case, we have coupled these devices to at 12” Transmission Line woofer. The system is a dipole from 300 Hz to 20, 000 KHz. This is a full range system with excellent imaging and fast, high-definition detail throughout the range! The system is easily driven by almost any amp above 70 watts and can fill all except the largest rooms with ease. Call Mark at 215-913-1990 for more info.

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