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Nov 7, 2022

NOLA Speakers: Review of the Baby Grand Reference Gold 3

Check out this excelent customer review for the review of the Baby Grand Reference Gold 3 Speaker from NOLA. Come check it out at Capital Audiofest 2022!

NOLA Speakers: Review of the Baby Grand Reference Gold 3

"Still in love with my Metro Gold 3. Sorry, don't get between me and my Metro 3, they get jealous! Yes those Grands sound amazing great. Did not think you could top Metros, but you did! The Baby Grands sound better than anything  I've heard. YG, Wilson, Magico, Dynaudio, Gamut. Others  sound mechanical and they miss the last inch of reality. I was really surprised at how well they sound near field. They will fill a large room and yet play in a smaller room with intimacy. A speaker that plays everything right and nothing wrong. Fine details, life-like vocals. The Baby Grand captures a stand up bass without any reservation or apologies. The attack, body and decay will leave you thinking it is in the room. Want to hear a Jazz, Rock,Pop, etc., they are up for all types of music. Don't  start me on the speakers dynamics. It takes a special speaker to properly do dynamics. These can go from quiet to crescendos at will. Near impossible to get "live" dynamics and they do it. Micro to Macro, they do it. Nothing missed. Grands simply best I have heard.  I am 2 years with my Metro Grand Reference Gold 3. I am still recovering details I have never heard before. Metros amazing. Grands take that to another level."

-Brian, owner of the latest NOLA Metro Grand Reference Gold 3 for 2 years

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