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Oct 3, 2022

The Voice That Is: Products to be shown at Capital Audiofest 2022

Check out a list and description of all of the products that The Voice That Is will be bringing to the Capital Audiofest 2022! They can be found in the Wilson Room located on the 3rd floor row of meeting rooms across from the Washington Theatre.

The Voice That Is: Products to be shown at Capital Audiofest 2022

TIDAL Audio Piano G3 Loudspeaker — $64,000 (Black) New! 

The all new TIDAL Piano G3 - Absolute Entry. After building the TIDAL Piano for over two decades, the Piano G3 model moves the limits of this concept even further. Built like nothing else, it is never about size or dimensions. It masters the trick of being an ‘entry’ masterpiece into our collection, and yet is an ‘ultimate choice’ at the same time. An incomparable classic. 

TIDAL Audio Contros Digital Controller — $60,000 New! 

This is the first TIDAL masterpiece directly resulting from the ultraexclusive TIDAL for Bugatti project and its MC-1 controller. As basically a synergy-scaled version of the MC-1. The TIDAL Contros combines core technologies from the Camira, Arkas and Prisma within one cabinet. All it needs is power, ethernet, connection to a power amp and it’s ready to perform at TIDAL reference level – simplifying the listening experience without compromise. 

Vinnie Rossi Brama Preamplifier — $33,995 New! 

Vinnie Rossi Brama Stereo Amplifier — $33,995 New! 

Vinnie Rossi introduces the BRAMA Collection, opening a new chapter for our brand as we follow our vision of offering the finest home audio products on the market. Driven by a passion for designing audio components that bring sonic pleasure to music enthusiasts, the Brama Collection offers unmatched sonic realism, long-term listening satisfaction, and pride of ownership. 

Siltech Royal Crown/Double Crown Cables — (price varies) New! 

The sonic results of the Royal Crown cables are spectacular and will unleash the full potential of great hi-fi systems. This new series comes in three different levels: Royal Single Crown, Royal Double Crown, and the well-known Royal Triple Crown — all offering increasing degrees of performance, musicality, and appearance. 

Critical Mass Systems Ultra-Q Rack — (price varies) New! 

The all new Ultra-Q rack brings elements of the flagship Olympus to you at a lower cost. It has more mass, a lower noise floor, and offers greater fidelity to the source material. The CMS Ultra—Q is Ultra Quiet! 

Supporting Cast: 

CMS CenterStage Footers — $1120 - $3180 

Computer Audio Design Ground Controls — $2,250 to $29,500 

Equitech 2RQ Balanced Power — $6,500 

Innuos PhoenixNET Switch — $3,499 

StillPoints Aperture Panels — $960

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