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Oct 24, 2023

Treehaus Audiolab at Capital Audiofest 2023

Treehaus Audiolab Introduces “Phantom of Luxury” Updated Flagship  Field-Coil Loudspeaker at Capital Audiofest 2023.

Treehaus Audiolab at Capital Audiofest 2023

The Treehaus Audiolab “Phantom of Luxury” field-coil loudspeaker is an  open-baffle dipole design utilizing live-edge wood plinths. Natural materials,  and their inherent imperfection, are celebrated here as being able to create  sound that is real, rather than simply reproduced. This speaker’s heart is the full  range driver, a Super Aero 10” field coil by Atelier Rullit. Their foundation rests  with Klangfilm and Telefunken speakers. They are meticulously hand rebuilt and  redesigned in Germany, “restomodded,” resulting in unparalleled performance.  Utilizing old vintage copper for the voice coil and ultralightweight papers for the  cones, they are quick, exact, detailed, and pure. They are subtlety augmented by  a super-tweeter (above 14K) and a large woofer (below 100hz). This  arrangement allows an effortless flow of music, uninhibited by traditional  crossover components.

Further updates to the design results in the best Treehaus Audiolab speaker to  date. Specifically, transformer attenuation of the Fostex T900A super tweeter  enhances tweeter performance and overall impedance matching within the  input panel. A new customized 15” woofer from Acoustic Elegance provides  low-frequency foundation for any type of music.

Most exciting, Treehaus Audiolab has partnered with Iconoclast Cable for  internal speaker wiring. We are proud to be the first speaker company to do so.  Offered as an optional upgrade, having Iconoclast Cable for all internal signal  connections elevates the sonic performance in all regards.

For Capital Audiofest 2023, Treehaus Audiolab will be debuting to the Press and  Public the updated “Phantom of Luxury” loudspeaker with Iconoclast SPTPC  internal cabling, in a unique “Walnut Cookies” finish. They will be driven by the  Treehaus Audiolab 300B SET Amplifier and Preamplifier. The full suite of  Iconoclast Cables (speaker, interconnects, and power) will be on demonstration.

We will be in room 812. Plan on staying a while for “just one more song..”

About Treehaus Audiolab:

Audio Mania, the pursuit of best sound, is our design ethos. We find inspiration  in technology from the golden ages of audio around the world, and reimagine it  for the 21st century listener. Treehaus Audiolab was founded in 2017 and is  located in Connecticut.

Treehaus Audiolab


Rich Pinto - Principal

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